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Elarion aka Bebbes lives together with his grandmother Cora, Bernese-Mountain-Dog-Girl (!!!) Mausi and a whole gang of cats at Susanne's and Torsten's on a farm in Skjeberg. He was born in April 2007 and he's a real happy-going playful boy, who just loves digging holes in his 'Momma's' garden, so she can plant some more roses in them..

Bebbes and his friends will soon have their own homepage for their adventures on


Labråten's Elarion Reg Nr.09412/07


Hei! My name is Isaac (Labråten's X-mas Isaac) and I'm born on October 16th 2004. I'm living in Sarpsborg together with Mommy  Lise Gro, Daddy Geir and a little Golden girl called Luna. Apart from walks across forests and fields I love to train in obedience and tracking. I participate in IInd range obedience-competitions, and mommy is hoping we can start with the blood-trail tracking test during 2008 as well..I just have the slight ...but forgivable??..tendency to be a little overexcited...It's just soooo much fun to search and track.... 
Labråten's X-mas Isaac (Now ain't i a Beauty??? )




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