2008 we celebrate

40 Years 

with Golden Retrievers


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We got our very first Golden Retriever in 1968.

Her name was Frøya and she was born May 17th 1968. She had her first litter in 1970 with NUCH Gitle's Casper. We kept a puppy from this litter for ourselves, but it didn't meet breeding standards. After this she had 4 more litters with Int NSuch Coxy, a Swedish stud, Kim Azor, NUCH Gyrima Damickles og NUCH Camrose Voravey.

Frøya       reg.nr 9/69


 In 1972 we imported the bitch Sarelle Spun Gold (Pip) from England.


In 1973 the name of our kennel was officially registered, and it got the name of our little farm Labråten.

Pip had 5 litters and her first was with NUCH Gyrima Damockles in 1974. My sister Grete kept one of the pups, the bitch named Labråten's Olga. The next litter of Pip was with NUCH Davern Lion Lotcheck in 1976 and from this one we kept a bitch called Labråten's Riva. In 1978 Pip had another litter with Nuch Likely Lad of Yeo, which gave us little Labråten's Undine. Pip's two last litters were with NUCH Camrose Ptarmigan. From this combination we kept Labråten's Winsome and Labråten's Cosi. As you can see we kept a female pup from each of Pip's litters. So she is the real foremother of our kennel. From the litters of these bitches we only kept Labråten's Riva who had descendants of greater significance.

NUCH Sarelle Spun Gold (Pip)



Riva had 5 litters and these were with NUCH Camrose Ptarmigan,  NUCH Wedford Hunters Moon,  NUCH  Noravon Lucius and with NUCH Mjærumhøgda's Opus. We kept bitches from the litters of Lucius and Opus. These were NUCH Nvch Labråten's  Label og Labråten's Oda, which belonged to my sister Grete. After some time we got back a littermate from Labråten's Label, whose name was Labråten's Lotte

Picture of Labråten's Riva coming soon


Label had 2 litters with NUCH Bramhills Saxon, 1 with Dewmist Devil in Disguise, the next with NUCH Mjærumhøgda's Crusader and her last with NUCH Jako's Mascot. From her litters we kept Labråten's Gioconda, whose father was Crusader and Labråten's Extra Terrestra who was Mascot's daughter.


NUCH Nvch Labråten's Label


Oda had only 1 litter at my sister's in 1987 with Dewmist Devil In Disguise. From this litter we kept Labråten's Veni Vidi Vici. The same time Grete became associate in our kennel.

Picture of Labråten's Oda coming soon


Veni had litters with Nuch Mjærumhøgda's Crusader, Jobeka Jaguar, Beeangee Jazzman and Nuch Nunsbrook Carbon Coopy.

From her we kept  Labråten's Fifty-Fifty and Labråten's Prixi.

So it was tide to get some 'new blood' into our lines, therefore we imported Nortonwood Velvet aka Koko from England. She had litters with Gloi Louther in The Rain, Nuch Mjærumhøgda's Crusader and Nuch Luxch Waterloo's Rock Around The Clock.

Pedigree of Veni Vidi Vici         


Labråten's Veni Vidi Vici  (Veni)


 Conda had litters with  Nuch Nunsbrook Carbon Copy,  Nuch Mjærumhøgda's Active Attraction, Shibinas Great Order and Shibbinas Jackpot.

From her pups we kept Labråten's Quinsi , Labråten's Vaia and Labråten's Alfa Mirabella


Labråten's Gioconda


Quinsie hadde kull med Int Trailer Nuch Bramhills Lockenvare, Shibbinas Great Order, Nuch Goldstep Brownig European og Vi-vi's Sylvester. Med Quinsie kom også Jon Henrik inn i kennelen i 1999.

Among Quinsie's pups we Labråten's Lure Lille My and the two sisters  Labråten's Ellevile Garbo and Labråten's Eternal Flame

Picture of Labråten's Quinsie coming soon



Prixi had two litters, one with Shibbinas Bardinet and one with Nunsbrook Dusky Wabler

Labråten's Cora og Labråten's Janka are the puppies we kept from Prixi.


  Labråten's Prixi


History goes on with the dogs we have today.




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