Kennel Labråten

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Us boys from the H-Litter saw the light of the big wide world on March 30th 2008. We all have found cosy homes with wonderful people. Further down you can see Pictures of Mammy and Daddy. Of course our pedigree is quite important as well. But not as important as it was to snuggle up to Mammy's warm and cosy fur and enjøy her melk. Were we not so very sweet??



Labråten's Vicki Jackerlee Suger Cane
HD: A,    Eyes: remark HD: A,   AD: A,   Eyes: no remarks
Pedigree Labråten's Vicki Pedigree Jackerlee Sugar Cane
H-litter Pedigree
And here we are three weeks later on April 20th. Soooooo big we already start to explore the world and each other....




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